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Trade-In Opportunities

Did You Know?…. Our Trade-In Program Will Give You Credit for Your Current Wireless, Underground, or Invisible Fence®.

Have you heard about the benefits and features of the DogWatch® system? Do you wish you could upgrade to DogWatch? Wish no more. At DogWatch, we make it easy for you to get the very best.

With DogWatch, you get:

  1. The safety and security of the Digital FM Safelink System.
  2. More safety features than other brands.
  3. Receiver batteries that last two (2) years each. Guaranteed. (compare the savings)
  4. A system that you can adjust without calling a service technician.
  5. Lifetime Equipment Warranty included. This Warranty even covers dog chew damage!
  6. Full lightning and surge protection - - the best there is at no extra charge.
  7. Innovative features like "Tattle Tale" that alerts you if your pet challenges the boundaries.
  8. Peace of mind knowing that a LOCAL DogWatch expert is always there to protect your pets AND your investment.
  9. Receiver Collars that also function with our optional Indoor Boundaries. 

If you are ready to switch, we make it easy for you. In most situations, we can use your existing buried wire so the installation is quick and easy. We just swap out the equipment (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) and adjust the settings so they are appropriate for your pet(s). We will determine if your pet needs any refresher training and we’ll provide that too, if needed. And because we appreciate your business, we’ll even discount the cost of the equipment! And, for a Limited Time, you will also receive a FREE 6 year battery supply for each pet's receiver when you upgrade to DogWatch.

Our Competitive Trade-In Plan is available for Invisible Fence® Brand, PetStop®, PetSafe®, Dog Guard®, and most other wireless or underground hidden fence systems. Give us a call to learn more.

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With DogWatch you get:

  • PetFriendly™ training and product features
  • The best customer care and support in the business
  • Local owner-operators who care about the work they do
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty included (even for dog chews!)
  • A system that you can adjust without calling a service technician
  • More safety features than other brands
  • The reliability and security of an FM system
  • The most advanced technology and the easiest to use
  • Receiver batteries that last two (2) years* - Compare the savings
  • Full lightning and surge protection - the best there is at no extra charge

Ready to Switch? Request a Free Quote!

Give us a call to learn more about replacing your existing hidden fence with a DogWatch system.